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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mommy Brings Home the Bacon by Nikki Mark

I worked for many years outside the home when my boys were little.  We always used the term "Bringing home the bacon" and until I read this book never thought of what was going through the kids minds.  In this story the young boy tries to figure out where all the bacon goes that his mom is bringing home.  She must eat lots of bacon for lunch because he does not see her bring it home.  He talks about his feelings when his mommy leaves to go to work and when he is with the baby sitter.

“Mommy Brings Home the Bacon” is a heartwarming children’s book that explores the touching relationship between a young boy and his working mom.
Told from the young boy’s perspective, the whimsical narrative reflects a child’s imaginative interpretation of why mommy goes to work, and the beautiful bond that develops as a result.
Bringing simplicity and lightheartedness to an emotional topic, “Mommy Brings Home the Bacon” fosters a child’s appreciation for a working mother, while simultaneously easing the minds of moms who balance the difficult responsibilities of financially supporting their household and raising the children they so dearly love.

This delightful book is great for any working mother to help their kids understand why she must leave the home for work.

You can purchase this book at Amazon for $14.99.  You can also read more about Mommy Brings Home the Bacon and Nikki Mark at


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