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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Turbo Snake Drain Hair Removal Kit Review

If you have a guy in the house that shaves, or females with long or medium hair, this little gizmo is for you.  I have both of the above mentioned in my home.  My hair is long and thick and in between cuts I shed (Yes, I said shed - worse then my dog) as it grows.  My husband shaves every single day and my youngest is just about to the point of starting. After a while, the hair build-up in the sink from shaving and the hair in the shower clog up the drains.

I have taken the drain plugs out and used screwdrivers, coat hangers and anything else I could get my hands on to clear the drains. 

Every time I turned on the Television, I would see this peppy salesman clearing clogged drains with such enthusiasm it would peak my interest, but I would change the channel thinking that stuff never works. I went to the store and found the Turbo Snake in the “As seen on TV” aisle and decided why not?  I would spend $10.00 on something useless at some point in my life anyway (this is how I talk myself into buying something.  What?  You don’t talk to yourself?)  Anyway, I finally broke down and got it. 

I opened the package and there are two different sizes one for the sink and a longer one for the shower and tub.  It even includes a little double sticky hook for storing.

I started with the tub drain.  The instructions are easy to follow.  Just slide it down the drain that has the clog, twist it, and the specially designed head pulls the clog right out of the drain. I did the same for the sinks and with a twist, no more clogged drains. (I refuse to show pictures, because I value all my followers and readers and would love to keep you all coming back to my site – so I can sum it up with just one word ~GROSS~).

You can find the Turbo Snake at Walmart, Walgreens, and Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99.

I give the Turbo Snake five Thumbs Up.

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Nicki said...

I have it too and LOVE it! I told my husband I wanted to order it and he went to the store and bought a spin-off. That was a WASTE and I ended up getting the turbo snake. I showed him never to doubt me!

Audrey said...

This morning, after rinsing my sink I removed the drain plug and look inside, removed my wire hanger from the cabinet and tried to remove the hair (waste of time.) The hair is still there...I will have to find this product. Thank you for the reviews.

Victoria's Voice said...

I love mine! You can find it at Walmart and Walgreens in the As-Seen-On-TV isles.

Thanks for the wonderful comments that you always contribute to my blog.

seenontvspot1 said...

That reminds me of my children. They grow up, too fast. Enjoy her while she is young.
Turbo Snake

plumbing supplies said...

We have it too in our home and it is really effective. My father bought it last year and up to now we are still using it.

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