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Monday, December 26, 2011

No More New Year's Resolutions

The New Year is fast approaching and it is always great to start things fresh.  A new beginning so to speak.  Let's face it, we all have made resolutions that we were so dedicated to following through with for the new year.  Normally, within the second month I forgot what I had even promised I would change.  Change is hard, habits are comfortable.

Sure there are many things I would like to change.  But why not just do it when the time is right; instead of placing more needless stress on myself to follow through with something that now I know everyone that knows about my resolution is faithfully watching me to see when I fail.  So with that said, I refuse to make new years resolutions any longer.

Some of my New Year's resolutions have been:
1.  Stop smoking (This would last about 1 week) Happily I can say I finally kicked the habit and have been smoke free for over 20 years and I did it on my own time frame.
2.  Be more organized - This always worked until someone else in the house would just throw something in the closet instead of placing it where it belonged.
3.  Be a better listener - Ok, I really try to be attentative especially during our long drawn out telephone conferences at work.  Maybe I should have said I would start taking daily naps instead.
4.  Eat healthier -Yeah right!  This usually lasted about an hour.
5.  Pay off credit cards - Then Christmas shows up again.

There have been many, many more, but only one has actually worked! What was it?  To never, ever make another New Year's resolution. No unresolved expectations on myself, and everyone can turn their attentions to watching to see if someone else fails at keeping their resolutions.

Do you make New Year's resolutions?  Do you keep them?


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