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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

IPhone Apps For Moms On The Go

A mom's job is fast and furious.  On the run most of the day with little time for themselves.  Listed are some paid and free IPhone Apps that help make life a little easier and a little less hectic.

1.  Coupon Sherpa Mobile  I know you all have see the Extreme Couponing Shows.  Who has this much time on their hands to collect, cut out, and devote a whole day to shopping?  I wish!  But for now Coupon Sherpa Mobile gives me the coupons I need at that very moment.  Though I am still waiting for more stores to come on line, there are quite a few that are near me that provide coupons.  This app delivers money saving coupons straight to your IPhone or IPod Touch.  FREE

2.  Shop Savvy Ever been in a store and wondered if the product you are thinking of purchasing could be found at a better price at a different store?  By simply scanning the bar code with your phone Shop Savvy will compare the item to several different stores in your area.  Allowing you to find the best bargain and save some dough!  FREE

3.  Ace Budget  I am constantly looking for my receipts.  I think that I have placed them somewhere that I will remember, but that never works. So updating my checkbook ledger can some times be a harrowing experience. The Ace Budget can be used as a checkbook ledger by entering the items at the time of purchase.   This app also helps to track your spending habits while providing charts for past purchases. $1.99

4.  IPregnancy For all you expecting moms, this is a great app to help  you keep track of all the milestones--estimated due date, gestational age, and weekly schematics of baby's development. You can also track your moods, OB visits and weight gain; get tips for you and your partner; share on Twitter and Facebook, and much more. You can also have fun with the Baby Name Picker! $3.99

5.  Martha's Everyday Food Not every meal is planned according to our menus.  Something usually throws our dinner plans off track.  This app provides easy to use recipes that the whole family can enjoy.  This app has a large database to search by ingredients or receive a daily dinner recipe to try.  $.99 (Limited Time)

6.  WeCam  This app has become my favorite for taking pictures. It includes 53 affects.  Four of them are animated real time affects.  WeCam makes beautiful holiday pictures for cards.  FREE 

Here some examples of pictures that I have taken with the WeCam.

These are just a few I have found and as you know if you can think of something - "There is an App for that." literally!

Next Post I will feature some fun educational kid apps. And, not to leave the Android users out, I will be checking out some apps for you as well.

Do you have any apps that you cannot live with out or that make your life easier?  I would love for you to share them.


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