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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Time Has Come ~ Cha Ching Final Update

Last year I found myself constantly finding loose change just laying around the house.  In the washer and dryer, under beds, in shoes, bowls, drawers, and some other unmentionable places.  It was driving me crazy!  I decided I wanted to start collecting all this loose change for a year just to see how much we would accumulate.  

This idea started the Cha Ching Jar post.  I was kind of hoping for great riches by the collection deadline. Maybe enough to pay off the house, take a trip or even retire from work!  So for a couple of weeks I was collecting change and filling up the jar.  I started noticing that suddenly I wasn't finding as much around the house after I started the Cha Ching Jar.  Come to find out, my youngest caught on and was hanging on to his money a little more tighter.  Not only has our Cha Ching Jar provided a little bit of money to donate to charity, but it also taught my son a little lesson on money and savings.  He now comes home and throws his loose change in a cup he keeps on his desk instead of just letting it fall to the floor to ruin my vacuum or ending up stuck in the bottom of the underwear drawer.

So.....what was our final total?

As promised I said whatever we had accumulated would be doubled and donated to charity.  So $74.08 was donated to two charities dear to my families hearts.  We donated half to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the other half to Alzheimer's Association.

We weren't able to take that much needed vacation and I am still slaving away at work, but in the end we learned the value of money.  No matter how big or small of an amount, it can help to do some great things.


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