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Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning with Fellowes

Have you gotten the Spring Fever yet?  Temperatures are warming up and I can feel that gotta clean feeling coming on.

We all normally know the basics of Spring cleaning.  Things such as shampooing carpets, washing windows, cleaning window treatments, and wiping down walls and baseboards.  But we rarely think of Spring cleaning our personal paperwork or junk mail laying around.  How many times have you just thrown something out in the garbage that contained personal information.  Ever wonder who might be going through your garbage?  Many people have had their identities stolen just by the simple process of throwing something away.  This year make it a goal to correctly dispose of your personal paperwork by using he Fellowes P-12C paper shredder.

  • The Fellowes P-12C paper shredder is a durable, innovative and affordable machine. With Fellowes’ industry-leading technologies, the P-12C provides high-security and is safe for family environments.
  • To ensure high-security against identity thieves, the P-12C features Cross-Cut technology, which destroys a single sheet of paper into nearly 399 particles.
  • The P-12C also includes Fellowes’ patented SafeSense technology, which disables the shredder when it senses hands or large pets come too close to the paper opening. 
  • The P-12C can also shred staples, credit cards and paper clips to help speed up your spring cleaning process.
  • Its slim profile design allows the P-12C to fit in any office environment, including under desks or in kitchens and other rooms.

        The P-12C has a suggested retail price of $89.99 and is available at Target Stores nationwide.
        Spring Cleaning Tips to Protect from Identity Theft

        The Identity Theft Resource Center recommends their
        Top 5 Tips for spring cleaning the home office:

        1. Begin with the Basics: Sort through the piles of paperwork on your desk and in your office drawers.  Place them into two categories: ‘save’ and ‘shred.’  
        2. Proper Storage: Organize the "save" pile into labeled folders and be sure to put anything confidential into a fire-proof lock box.  The "shred" pile should be properly disposed of with a Cross-Cut shredder, such as a Fellowes P-12C.  
        3. Get a Digital Makeover: Refresh your home office computer by deleting files you no longer use and backing-up important data onto an external hard drive.  Clean out your inbox and change all passwords.  Refreshing your computer is a good practice to follow throughout the year as well. 
        4. Make Life Easier: Plan ahead by purchasing organizational tools for your desk, such as computer risers or file folder holders.  This will help clear clutter from your desk top while keeping things within arms reach. 
        5. Freshen Up: Get rid of dust and germs that easily build up on office equipment such as keyboards, telephones and cabinets.  You'll feel instantly more productive with a clean workspace.
        Thank you to One2OneNetwork and Fellowes for giving me the opportunity to participate in this posting campaiign. For writing this post I have been entered in to a drawing to win a Fellowes P-12C shredder

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            Heavenly Savings said...

            Cute Blog! I’m a new follower Happy Monday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

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