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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fundraising Woes

School has just barely been in session and we are already receiving fund raising packets. Oh man…….. Don’t get me wrong, I think fundraisers for the schools are great. The band gets no funding whatsoever, so they rely heavily on the concession sales at ball games and the fundraisers.

The fundraisers are set up so that the kids get special trips or prizes. Sell 20 items and get a trip to the Hard Rock Café. Sell 30 and get a chance to win cash and the trip to Hard Rock Café. Sell 40, 50, 60, oh, you get the idea.

Here lies my issue. We are a military family, which means my husband’s family and mine live in other states so we can't rely on grandma and grandpa, aunts or uncles to participate. I refuse to do the door-to-door thing any longer due to the economy. So I usually take it to work, stressing the "no obligation to buy clause" (because once they buy you are expected and now bound by contract to buy from their kids). The rest falls upon my husband and myself.

Over the years, we have bought things such as wrapping paper, popcorn, pizza, cookies, magazines, knick-knacks (I might add that break within the first month), sausages, calendars, Christmas ornaments, cups, etc. Because we do not want him to feel left out on winning a trip or a prize, we usually end up buying at least 20 items. I have enough wrapping paper to cover the globe.

The other fundraisers throughout the year help with the senior trip to Washington D.C. to march in the Cherry Blossom Parade, to Branson for the Jazz Band to play on the Branson Bell and many other great (expensive) trips. The money they make for these fundraisers are supposed to ease the stress of the parents to come up with the money………..I giggled a little bit when I wrote that sorry. I buy almost all of the fund raising items (my cash) and pay for the remainder of the trip (still my cash). Not seeing the benefit of the fundraiser. I have suggested that they just ask for cash donations, but I am still waiting for a response.   What happened to washing cars and baking cookies for bake sales?

We trudge on because we know that in a another month we will receive a different fundraiser packet. Just a minute…the doorbell just rang…taking out wallet to help with another kids fundraiser…………..oh boy!  More wrapping paper!

What are you views on fundraisers? Do you buy out of obligation or so that you won’t hurt the little kids feelings at the door giving you the puppy dog eyes?

3 Of Your Wonderful Comments:

Heather said...

Good luck on your fundraiser! Hope you earn what is needed for your band. I would find it hard to go door to door too at this time.

Anyway I have given you a blog award and I'd love for you to stop by and pick it up. I think your writing is great. :) Have an awesome hump day!

Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

Beth said...

I pretty much ALWAYS buy something from my kid's fundraisers. I completely obligate my mom and my MIL to buy from them, too. Because otherwise I will, without a doubt, buy the entire 20 items myself. And frankly there is only so much cookie dough one can safely fit in a freezer. Actually though, this year my kid's school is thinking of replacing the cookie dough and wrapping fundraiser with MY products, so I'm all over that idea. LOL.

Victoria's Voice said...

Hey that is a great idea! Now I just need to come up with my own product to use!

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