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Friday, August 20, 2010

New Theme - Whew!

Ok, I am really sorry if I have hurt your eyes the last few days.  I have been working diligently trying to find a theme I can live with.  Please let me know if something does not work, or if it makes your stomach upset............

Seriously any and all feedback is welcome!

4 Of Your Wonderful Comments:

Becky Jane said...

I like the wood look! also you've got some fun tabs! My sister did something similar to your cha-ching jar...she got enough money to lay sidewalk paths in her backyard for the kids to ride their trikes and scooters on!

Victoria's Voice said...

Thank You Becky. It has driven me insane, I think I have pulled most of my hair out trying to get everything to work. Wow! That was quite a bit your sister collected. We are having fun with the Cha-ching jar.

Samantha said...

following you back!

JaelCustomDesigns said...

Following from the MBC (FFF Group)
You can find me at:

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