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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ok, I really like Little Caesar's Pizza.  It is great for a cheap, in and out dash for when you need a quick meal.  Here comes the BUT..........My one and only dislike is when they open the box to show you your pizza.  I understand why this is done, but when I request that it not be done please do not open it.  First of all, it lets all the built-up heat from the pizza to escape (puff).  Second........please......there are others standing at the counter coughing, snorting, reaching over to pick up flyers, etc.  Could I have another pizza and please do not open it?

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Alicia said...

That is totally true about Litle Ceasers Pizza! They always want to open the box letting out the heat and grabbing air born germs... I do understand.. Alicia from MBC.... following...

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