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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stop Eating What I Love? Not Going to Happen! Well......

As I sit looking at my NEW "Lifestyle changed" dinner, I am reflecting back to other dinners that have come and gone.  Such as hot dogs wrapped with bacon and deep fried, topped with black beans, guacamole, salsa and served on a kaiser bun.  Hey! Don't judge me!  LOL  Oooo they were good!  That is not the only fat-filled, heart stopping meals we have had. But, we have enjoyed every one of them.

I was raised on fried foods such as pork chops, chicken, potatoes, corned-beef hash, etc.  Everything was fried and delicious.  When someone would mention to me about possibly changing my eating habits, I would scoff at them and swear that I would eat what I wanted, when I wanted until I killed over. I vowed to enjoy food and life.

Fast forward Dr. appointment last week.  I went in for slight chest pains and breathing issues and had lab tests ran.  It took a week to get the results, but as I sat at work eating my double cheeseburger and fries for lunch, the Doctor called me to give me my test results.  He started giving me numbers for HDL, total cholestral and triglycerides.  Each number he gave me, I was like "ummm, oh ok" not really understanding anything.  HDL overall was not bad at a 50; Total Cholesterol was at 240 which should be at 200 or lower and my Triglycerides were at 590.  Again "ummm, ok" taking another bite of my burger I asked what exactly does that mean?  He explained to me that my Triglycerides were supposed to be at 150 or lower, and that basically I was at a very high risk for heart attack, blood clots, or stroke. 

Now this caught my attention and I pulled out my trash can and slid my burger and fries in to it.  What do I need to do I ask?  His answer ~ Diet, exercise and Fish Oil for 3 months until next lab test.  Diet? Really? I have never considered diets for one thing I have no will power to avoid the bad foods, and second I weigh 119 lbs wet.  But considering I might end up on medications if I don't get this under control I conceded.  After a long research about the subject of lowering Triglycerides and dieting I am a little better informed and I am slowly setting up a plan to get it back together. 

I have always sworn that I would try all kinds of foods and eat the ones I loved and I would never EVER eat that healthy crap!  Rewind back to tonight's dinner.  After reminiscing of all the deliciously bad food I have consumed over my 47 years I take a bite of my Vegetable filled egg white omelet.  Mmmmm Crap actually tastes delicious!!!  

With all that being said, I have thrown in the towel and will start to take better care of myself and my husband with better meal choices and more exercise.  Now I vow to not only enjoy food in a healthier way but now I plan to enjoy life even more and hopefully longer.  I have so much more to learn about eating healthy and exercising. I hope to find some great heart healthy recipes to share with all of you.

Anyone have any recipes for lowering Triglycerides and overall heart healthy meals?  I would love to give them a try!


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