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Monday, April 9, 2012

Motivational Monday ~ 50 Ways To Overcome Anger

Boy do I need this!  I love my kids and I truly wish the nothing but the best.  But if you wish to be treated as an adult, please act like one. 

My oldest decided he was moving yet again to another state where he only knows people he has met on the Internet.  I have not heard from him since he made this decision.  I have left text messages, phone messages, with no response.  I should be used to this since he goes off the grid often.  But as a mother it is worrisome and frustrating.

My youngest is graduating next month and turning 18 this month and he is feeling the tug of independence and is expressing it with his sarcasm.  I am waiting for the moment of "Well you do know I am 18 now...."

Taking a deep breath.........I love you both, more then you will ever know or understand.

Any other tips?  How do you deal with your anger?

Fear is an emotion we’ve all encountered. Even the bravest man or woman has felt the quite gnawing of fear in their hearts. It’s wondering what might happen. It’s knowing things are out of our hands. It’s losing control. It’s expecting the worst. It’s having the jitters. It’s losing our appetite. Queasiness. Sweating palms. Jangling nerves. Furrowed brow. Trembling hands. Pounding heart. Shortness of breath. Butterflies in the stomach.

When worry, anxiety, fretting, and fear overwhelm our hearts and minds, we tend to forget everything else. But God wants us to remember one very important thing – Him.  When fears press in around you, cling to God. Hang onto His promises for you. Hold tight to hope. Trust God with your very life, and your faith will drive out the fears.

– Christa Kinde

50 Ways To Overcome Anger
by Gan Chennai

Close your eyes, Focus on breath
Ask, Am I right? , Affirm, I will not shout
Speak in lighter voice (Most Impossible)
Take a bath, Listen to favorite music
Go for a long Walk or a Careful Drive

Clasp palms firmly or
Fold hands across chest
Be Aware of hands
Look above your head
Awareness means Anger is done away

Walk Left and Right, Walk in circles
Look at the mirror, Focus on your eyes
Smile a Bit, Laugh a Bit, Scribble something
Say, 'You are Bloody Punk, If you get Anger'
Say, ' I am Godlike, I won't get Anger'

Place finger on Mush Area Horizontally or Vertically,
It puts physical barrier on Shouting
Meditate, Practice Yoga, Exercise
Drink Cold Water, Say 'Cool Down'
Say 'Om Shanthi' or Amen

Think Anger is Animalistic, Anger is Fire, Anger is Health Hazard
Anger is Anti-Relation, Anger is weakness, Think End Result of Anger
Be willing to overcome Anger, Resolve to end Anger
Think, Should the Pot (Relationship) be Broken?

Fear of Loss is Anger's root cause
Physical or Emotional it may be
Take Five Slow Deep Breaths
Pray - 'God give me strength, this moment
Be with me and Lead me through this crisis'

Some Worries put You In Deep Frustration, Anger
Have faith in God, Faith can move Anger, if not Mountains
Believe God Leads You, Have Faith, Everything happens for a Reason
Worrying a bit helps, Worrying a lot spoils
Anger means, No Inner calm, No inner Peace

Hate, Fear, Worries, Frustration, Anger are compatriots in Hell
Love, Courage, Calmness, Peace, Joy are compatriots in Heaven
Hate and Love Can't co-exist as Fire and Water can't
Believing is half done winning all battles
Say, I choose Love and Joy, I don't get Anger

After Angry Tussle is over, Reconcile your partner or children
'I Love You So much, That's why I get Anger towards you'
You are so dear; Can I get Anger towards, Bill Gates?
Tell something and cajole knowingly it is nonsense,
Kiss, come to terms saying let's go Hotel, Pay few 100 Bucks

Introspection and Analysis help come over Anger
Accept when you get Anger, say, I am sorry
When in Good Mood, Tell your partner,
If I get Anger, I will put 25 Sit-ups clutching my Ears
Do Perform Sit-ups at least in isolation, closed doors, Nothing to be Ashamed

Anger is not bad if it serves purpose
Sometimes you may have to Act with Anger (Acting)
Towards Your Employees, Sub ordinates, Children
You should know you act with Anger
Purposeful Anger is Reasonably Correct

If nothing works, keep a Mouthful of Water.
Advise others not to get Anger, At least you will follow a Bit,
Master should be at least a good student.
Pat yourself (Really) , Whenever you overcome Anger
Scribble something like this, Put a little Tom-Tom in Poem Hunter
A Research like this will help at least Author, Even if not Poetic.


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