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Friday, March 16, 2012

Gain and Family Dollar - Win A Years Worth of Products

Spring is here and I love that fresh scent of clothes hanging on the line to dry and I am like a busy bee Spring cleaning the house.   There is nothing like a nice breeze coming through the open windows and the smell of a freshly cleaned house.

Gain and Family Dollar have teamed up to offer you a  chance to win a year’s supply of Gain products to help you with your Spring Cleaning.  Try some of their tips and don't forget to enter to win!  Good Luck and Happy Springtime!

4 Fresh Cleaning Tips From Gain and Family Dollar

1. Laundry Day: Give mesh bags to each family member for
dirty socks and undergarments. Simply toss the bags in the
washer and items will stay sorted.

Tip: Keep your clothes soft and fresh with Gain detergents,
fabric sheets and dryer bars. Your nose will thank you.

2. Sponge Smarts: With a permanent marker, label sponges
with locations they’re meant to clean to prevent use of
bathroom sponges in the kitchen and vice versa.

Tip: The amazing scent of Gain dishwashing liquid will help
make dish time downright delightful.

3. Non-Washable Fabric: Begin by removing dust and hair
with a vacuum tool or lint roller. If easily detachable, take
outside and shake like a rug.

Tip: Help eliminate odors from fabric and air for freshness
that fills your home with Febreze® Fabric Refresher™ and
Febreze Air Effects® in Gain original scent.

4. Color-Coding: Assign each family member a color and
use it for toothbrushes, towels and shower caddies. Keep
extras on hand in baskets or the linen closet.

Tip: Use Mr. Clean® Multi-Surfaces Liquid Cleaner with
Gain scent to help clean dirt and eliminate odors on
linoleum as well as tile floors, toilets and bathtubs.


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