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Monday, February 20, 2012

Motivational Monday ~ A Job Well Done

Stop fighting against what you must do andallow your best efforts to flow.
Let go ofthoughts about how difficult or frustrating or inconvenient or unfair it is, and let yourself get itdone.
Quit wishing that you were somewhere else,or that things had worked out differently.
From where you are, with what you have,with positive purpose and determination you are able to make life the best itcan be.
Rejoice at each little opportunity to makea difference. Feel the power as each action you take adds real value to life.
Whatever you must do is not a burden. It isa new, unique chance to express and experience the beauty of being alive.
Do what you do with love and care, withenthusiasm and joy.
Allow yourself toenjoy each challenge and every effort, because you deserve it.
Get the work done, and have a great timedoing it.
Experience, againand again, the priceless satisfaction of a job well done.


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