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Monday, February 6, 2012

Motivational Monday ~ Don't Be A Poor Sport

I for one was pulling for the Patriots in last nights Super Bowl.  My husband was pulling for the Giants.  As most of you know, the Giants won.  All-in-all it really was a great game.

  This is for all of us who really wanted to fall to the floor screaming - WHHYYYYYYYYYY!

There are some you says the famous 
phrase “I should of won” 
not them. That is it, I am mad!

Then there are some who accepts 
the fact and takes it like a man 
and walks away till next time.

Screaming and throwing a fit because 
you didn’t win is poor sportsmanship 
and it makes you a very sore loser.

That shows and tells me you 
are just spoiled rotten to the core
and cares for no one except yourself.

Losing and disappointments 
are all part of the learning 
tool of life. 

We have to step back and realize 
or ask questions. Ok! So why 
didn’t I win?

Then you take those faults and 
improve them and get back 
in and do it all over again.

Who knows you might just win, 
and learn to have respect for 
yourself as well as others.

Always remember winning isn't 
everything, it is what you have 
learned that makes you a winner.

Written By,
BrendaKaye 2005


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