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Monday, February 13, 2012

Head Trip by Jack Eadon Book Review and Giveaway

When two brothers are conceived a month apart--called superfetation--then are born eight months later, one of them is a full-term baby and one of them is a preemie. That anomalie affected their whole lives as one twin struggled to succeed and the other struggled to keep up. For various reasons they were envious of each other, and their journey became a real head trip, both literally and figuratively. It continually challenged them to understand their twin and the dynamic that shaped their lives.

My Thoughts
What a great book!  I was so mesmerized by the way the author captured the lives of the two brothers as they grew in the womb. To think that one thought of the other as an intruder and held on to the envy throughout their growing years.  Both boys were born at the same day. Marcus who was conceived a full month after Roger, was born first a preemie.  Roger after pushing his brother to get rid of him from the womb was born second full term by Cesarean.  He always envied that he was conceived first but was born second and considered the youngest.

Marcus is outgoing and excels at everything he sets his mind to do and has many friends, while Roger is more withdrawn and envious of everything pertaining to his brother.  He seems to set his goals on making his brother's life miserable and even finds himself feeling happy and ecstatic after finding out his brother will need brain surgery to remove an obstruction.  

Being a mother of two boys who are worlds apart, and have never gotten along, I found myself swaying between the characters.  My heart broke for Roger because of the envy he let blacken his heart that he had for his brother.  He was loved equally by his parents but he did not see it.  I felt especially for Marcus, who had a loving, kind heart towards everyone, but found himself being tortured more and more by his brother.

Head Trip is one of a series of the Seven Deadly Sins written by Jack Eadon.  After reading Head Trip, I will definitely be adding the entire series to my book collection!

Author's Biography
Author Jack Eadon’s rich and diverse life has inspired his American Drama Series: his sixties memoir focusing on his rock band in Chicago; a novel of mystical revenge set in a corporation in Texas; the story of getting over loss in his life at a new advertising photography studio in southern California; studying his wife deal with a male-dominated corporation, also in California; a novel about how karma affects a young couple, set in Wisconsin; a novel about a copywriter's email relationship with an abused Asian woman, and a neighborhood mystery surrounding a mysterious hit-and-run death in a burgeoning community in Kansas.

Jack Eadon began by writing a book in grade school, then a short story. In high school he began a decade in rock music with the band Khazad Doom, writing many of the songs with a moralistic drama theme, something he continues to put into his writing today.

He entered the corporate world with his MBA in 1974, which took him to 1983, when he opened a business in southern California. Now, after having lived in Illinois, Texas, California, Kansas, and Illinois, Jack resides back in southern California with his executive wife and Caspurr the Cat and Pookie the dog, and writes full time. He relies on a few close friends and a network of e-mail buddies to provide him a support system. He travels occasionally, doing book talks in the many places he's lived.

Read Jack Eadon's Personal Head Trip to see progress on his recovery from his fifth and hopefully his final brain surgery.  As of today, he is tumor free!  Share in his recover on his new blog Jack's Getting Back.

Head Trip Book Trailer

You can purchase Head Trip by Jack Eadon through Barnes and Noble Amazon or one of your other favorite book retailers for $12.00
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