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Monday, January 16, 2012

Keep Your Little Ones Safe With KidcoGateShop Safety Gates

We do not have small children but we do have a dog who gets into just as much mischief as a child does.  When we leave the house during the day our old friend Snickers can't help but to get into trouble.  He has already paralyzed himself once and it took many months of therapy but we got him back to his old self. But there is that chance he could do it again, so to try and help keep him from hurting himself any further we use child gates.

Whether you have small children or pets you would like to keep from climbing the stairs, getting near the fireplace, or to  just to create a safe play area, Kidcogateshop has many safety gates to chose from at very affordable prices.  

About KidcoGateShop
KidCo Gate Shop is operated by KidSafe Inc. KidSafe is a leading online baby proofing retailer. At KidSafe we're committed to making the home a safe haven where children can learn, play and explore. We offer the highest quality child safety products and knowledgeable home safety tips to create safer homes for kids and peace of mind for parents.
Find all the new KidCo Safety Gates at the Kidco Gate Shop. KidCo makes superior quality baby gates, and pet gates. Safety proof with gates at your doorways, hearth, stairways, and wide openings. They have hardware mount gates, pressure mount gates, extra wide gates, and gate mounting kits that make it easier to install them. Not sure which safety gate you need, read our Safety Gate Guide and Tips for guidance.

KidCo has just upgraded it's entire line of safety gates. They have added more features and lowered all the prices while maintaining their high quality. 


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