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Monday, November 28, 2011

Medicare Part D Consumer Guide

We were recently visiting my in-laws over Thanksgiving.  While there the topic came up about Medicare and and how hard it is to either understand how it works or how to keep up with the changes. It can all become very confusing.  The Baby Boomer generation is coming up on retirement and more and more questions are being asked about how Medicare will work for them.  What about your prescriptions?  How are they handled?  

Medicare offers prescription drug coverage to everyone with Medicare through what is called Medicare Part D.  This is a federal program which subsidizes the costs of prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries in the United States and allows for seniors to maintain some form of insurance coverage that will enable them to get their prescription drugs at an affordable rate after retirement. 

To help answer some of your questions about Medicare Part D check out the Part D Consumer Guide.  It can answer your questions and help you get Medicare Rates.


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