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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Believe In You by Marianne Richmond Book Review

Marianne Richmond's new book I Believe in You is another hit!  She has won many awards for her children's books and I believe this one will be no different.

Growing up can be tough on kids.  Things from school activities, or even trying to fit in and make friends can all make a child feel less confident in themselves and hold them back.  We as parents can make it a little easier. I think sometimes as a parent, we take for granted that our kids already know that we are proud of them or that we know they can succeed at whatever they want to do.  But to hear it from someone you look up to helps to instill in them that we have faith that they can accomplish their dreams and goals. Even when they are facing something that seems well beyond their accomplishments we have the ability to say one thing that can make them stronger and more confident - "I Believe in You."

"I Believe in You showcases the spirit of a parent who is on a child’s team no matter what. The encouraging text and beautiful illustrations will speak straight to a parent’s heart, exploring that feeling of unwavering support. Sure to become a new fan favorite, I Believe in You evocatively portrays the complex and tender emotions all parents have for their children."

"Your job of growing up
takes hard work, I know,
but each day is an adventure.
Each problem helps you grow."

"Whether it’s sunny or stormy,
whether you’re happy or blue,
I’m here to say,without a doubt,
That I believe in you!"

I had the wonderful opportunity to review The Night, Night Book as well and I am happy to say that it and I Believe in You will be the first two starter books to my collection.  My boys are grown now, but when the time is right and they have children of their own, Marianne Richmond's books will be a great asset to them as parents, and for their children as well.

Read more on the author.  To find more books by Marianne Richmond you can check out her website.

You can purchase I Believe in you at  Barnes and Noble for $12.99.  It can also be found at most major retail bookstores.

I received I Believe in You for review.  I was not compensated in any way in order to provide a positive review. All opinion are my own. for further policy disclosure please click here.


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