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Friday, July 22, 2011

Freschetta By The Slice Special Event on August 4th

FRESCHETTA® By The Slice Six Cheese Medley

We love Freschetta pizza at our house, in fact we eat it at least once a week!  But there are those times that I would just like to have some to take to  lunch or to have for a quick after school  snack for my son, and making a whole pizza would be a total waste.

The fresh taste you love in FRESCHETTA® pizza is now available in FRESCHETTA® By the Slice. A single slice cut from a whole pizza, FRESCHETTA® By The Slice delivers one perfect slice of pizza in minutes with the same premium ingredients and oven-baked taste right out of the microwave.  Just the right size for lunch or an after school snack for the the kids.
Freschetta By The Slice comes in four different varieties:

BBQ Recipe Chicken
The flavor of the Southwest is ready in minutes. White meat chicken, red peppers, red onions and mozzarella and cheddar cheese come together in a zesty combination with a savory BBQ sauce.
Chicken, Spinach & Mushroom
Take a few moments out of a busy day and enjoy a slice of pizza topped with generous chunks of white meat chicken, savory mushrooms and spinach on a creamy white sauce. Perfect for a little quiet time.
Six Cheese Medley
The perfect slice of pizza meld the perfect amounts of two different styles of mozzarella and provolone, cheddar, fontina and Romano for a rich flavor that will make me time even tastier.
Vegetable Medley
Straight from the garden, this perfect slice is bursting with the flavors of just-picked vegetables. Mushrooms, olives and red, green and yellow peppers just beg to be enjoyed – one slice at a time.
FRESCHETTA® By The Slice Chicken Spinach Mushroom Hero

Check it Out!  On August 4th, Freschetta By The Slice is having a special Event.  You don't even have to change out of your pajamas to participate!

From the comfort of your own home visit the Freschetta message board at

In this special live online event, Freschetta will be giving away thousands of By The Slice Pizza   - 5,000 every half hour!  There will also be interactive contests to win additional coupons.  To read more details on this big event go to www.FreschettaFreshConnection,com

Make sure to let your friends know about this fun event!

I am a member of the Freschetta Fresh Connection blog team.  I received an entry to win a prize in exchange for writing this post. 


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