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Monday, June 20, 2011

Motivational Monday ~ Trouble is a Stepping Stone to Growth

Trouble is something no one can escape -
Everyone has it in some form or shape
some people hide it way down deep inside,
Some people bear it with gallant-like pride.
some people worry and complain of their lot,
some people covet what they haven't got.
While others rebel and become bitter and old
With hopes that are dead and hearts that are cold.
But the wise man accepts whatever God sends,
Willing to yield like a storm-tossed tree bends,
Knowing that God never makes a mistake,
So whatever God sends he is willing to take.
For trouble is part and parcel of life,
And no man can grow without struggle or strife,
And the steep hills ahead and the high mountain peaks
Afford man at last the peace that he seeks.
so blessed are the people who learn to accept.
The trouble men try to escape and reject,
For in our acceptance we're given great grace
And courage and faith and the strength to face.
The daily troubles that come to us all.
So we may learn to stand straight and tall -
For the grandeur of life is born of defeat,
For in overcoming we make life complete.

Author Unknown


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