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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shine a Light Sunday

This Sunday morning we awoke to more storms and flood warnings.  Highways are closed down and we are wondering if we should break out a kayak to get to work in the morning.  But Joy with Catharsis has shined the light on my blog.  I am very appreciative of this honor.

Thank you very much Joy!  Please visit her blog and show her some follow love

 Here are the rules:

1.  Follow CATHARSIS and the one who's shining the light on you (if it's another blog), but only if you truly appreciate their blogs and plan on coming back to read and comment on their posts.  

2.  Feel free to copy the SHINE A LIGHT SUNDAY button above to post on your own blog entry and link back to this. (optional)

3.  Make a list of 3 to 5 blogs, (with proper links of course), that have become your  favorites and that you would like to promote and place a spotlight on, so to speak.  It would be great if you can always include a few new blogs that you've discovered and have grown to love and feel might need more support in terms of readership/followers.  If you want, you can do a short write-up for each to give a brief background of the sites, or to explain why you love them.  I'm limiting this to 3 to 5 blogs because bear in mind that you can do this every Sunday or any Sunday you feel like it.

4.  Make sure you inform the blog authors of those 3-5 blogs you listed for the week that you've shone the light on them.  This way they can participate and pay it forward.  That's the most important part!

The blogs I chose:

This was a hard decision, because there are so many great blogs out there that I follow.  But there are three that I really have come to appreciate and respect.  I shine the light on:

1.  Memiors of 2 Wicked Chefs
2.  Life Reflections
3.  Fire Butterfly Jewels


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