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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home-Ec 101 Skills For Everyday Living Book Reveiw

Home-Ec 101 by author and One2One Network Member Heather Solos shares tips and tricks for tackling the everyday challenges we find in the home.   

Heather's advice is easy to apply and is written with the same witty style and attitude readers love on her blog, Charts, tips, sidebars and "Dear Home Ec 101" letters cover offer the tools you need to keep your home clean and in good repair.

The perfect manual for college grads to the more seasoned homemakers, this book has something to offer everyone.  From the simplest how to's (ever meet a 20 year old who can't pre-heat an oven?) to how to be a fabulous host at your housewarming party, Heather's advice is relevant for homeowners and apartment dwellers of any age.

Whether it's cleaning grout, stocking a pantry, reducing a recipe, dealing with chocolate in the carpet or retrieving jewelry dropped down the drain, Home-Ec 101 will help readers feel confident in managing the domestic challenges of everyday life. The information will be easy to use and written with the same witty style and attitude readers love on the blog, Charts, tips, sidebars and "Dear Home Ec 101" letters cover all the details readers need to know to keep their homes clean and in good repair.

About the Author

Heather Solos created in 2007. The site had nearly 400,000 visitors in 2009. The website and the author have been featured by StrollerDerby, ParentDish, Lowcountry Parent, The Post and Courier, and ReadCharlie. The website was also cited as a reference in Woman's Day Magazine. Solos has served as a featured blogger on Type-A Mom and Blissfully Domestic.

My Thoughts

This book is a great tool for anyone looking for how-to answers.  I am purchasing one for my 21 year old son who is constantly phoning me to ask questions.  "Mom, what should the oven be on to cook an egg?"  "WHAT?  No, wait son!"  "Hi mom, what do I need to make lasagna?"    Oh the questions come day after day from how to wash clothes to how to remove a stain.  Some though I could not start to answer.  But this book can answer just about all of his questions and more. ~I almost feel unneeded :o(

Chapter 20 of this book is really helpful.  Especially for busy moms like me who get up at 4:00 in the morning and usually do not make it home until 5:30 in the evening.  Meal Planning:  Not Just For Control Freaks.

I have to say I used to plan our meals, but it found that our menus just became too boring because it seemed like we were just repeating our meals week after week. I though I would not be able to make a menu with great dishes that would not bust the bank.  But in this chapter Heather talks about planning menus and if planned right, can make meals more efficient. 

A few suggestions Heather Makes to get started writing you menus is to:

1. Sit down with the grocery store circular to take advantage of sales
when planning the week’s menu.
2. If you are cooking for others, don’t push your luck, only introduce
one new food item per week.
3. Pay attention to the reactions of your audience. If they hate the
black bean dish you tried this week, try a different main ingredient
next time.
4. Be open to suggestions.

This chapter is full of menu ideas that will make meal time everyday exciting from week-to-week.  With Heather's tips you can truly have nutritional carefully planned out meals that won't break your budget or take up a lot of time cooking to serve to your family night-after-night.

Purchase Home-Ec 101 Skills for Everyday Living for yourself, or someone you know could use a little guidance at or Barnes and Noble starting at $13.59.

I Received a complimentary copy of Home-Ec 101 Skills for Everyday Living from One2One Network.  All opinions are my own.


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