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Friday, January 21, 2011

Tip of The Week - GPS and Uploading Pictures

We all do it.  Take a picture of that perfect moment and then upload it from our camera phones to Facebook, Twitter, or even to our blogs.

Most new cameras and camera phones have a GPS location option included.  This is a great feature especially if you are traveling and want to share where that great picture of you standing by that beautiful water fall was really taken or to trace your every step of that perfect vacation.

The not so good part is, people are checking our photos.  Did you know that even the most innocent photo taken at home, say of an item for review you just received or a cute picture of your puppy, that once it is uploaded all someone has to do is right click and track it directly to your front door through the GPS coordinates?  Frightening!  Especially when our kids are taking so many fun pictures of themselves and friends and posting them on Facebook and Twitter. 

I Can Stalk U is a site that was created to make people aware that they are posting this information when they are sending out photos and giving them options on how to disable that functionality.  You can also find on this site people that they were able to trace their exact location, just by the information that was posted.  As I Can Stalk U says they are not out to stalk anyone, they just want to raise awareness that it is being done daily and by people who aren't so good.

The video posted below is a news story from ABC showing how the tracking is done.  On most phones and cameras in the settings area there is an option to turn off the Location Services.  Please refer to your camera or phone manual to learn how to do this if you wish to turn the feature off.

 This post was not meant to frighten anyone from posting those wonderful vacation or blog pictures or to stop you from Tweeting or Facebooking, (Goodness knows I am addicted) but it was written in hopes that we all are a little more careful with the information the we allow others to have access to.


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