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Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Ffffrrrrreeeezzzziinnnggg! It Is Only 84 Degrees Outside!

I know everyone has been looking forward to cooler weather after this past record setting summer.  My husband loves cold weather.  The colder the better he says.   I am the odd one out.  I would rather see 105 degree weather then I would 50 degrees or less.  I am naturally cold and hate it!
As I sit at my desk in my little cubicle wrapped in a blanket, heating pad, wool socks, gloves and scarf, (contemplating ear muffs), I am lost in deep thought.  Ahhh what would it be like to be sun bathing on the beach right now?  Listening to the waves crashing into the shoreline.  The sun beating down upon my head.

My teeth chatter snapping me back to reality.  I have to figure out a way to type with these gloves on.  How can I possibly be productive when I am this cold?  I understand it is not quite winter time outside yet.  I mean, what is it 84 degrees outside? So why can I see my breath inside?  “Oh Govna, could you please spare just a little heat?”

 “Because of the potential fire hazards that exist, no heaters allowed at desks.”  Hmmmmm, how about a fan that blows “warm air?” Maybe a few jumping jacks?  Run in place?  Well, at least I will be in good shape.  Other then moving my desk outside the building, I guess I will just stay bundled up and wait for the day when they turn off the air conditioner.  Or at least turn it up past 60 degrees. I may have to buy stock in Snuggies.

Which do you prefer hot weather or cold weather?

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stefani said...

I don't know what my preference is. I live in AZ and it gets hot so when it does finally cool down to 84 degrees it is lovely, Outside that is.

I am like you in that I freeze all day. I sit directly under the vent and the thermostat is always set to 55 degrees (and that is only because it does not go down any further).

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