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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Falling Away by T. L. Hines Book Review

Native American Dylan Runs Ahead is running away. He ran from the Crow Reservation where he grew up because he felt responsible for his sister's disappearance. He ran to the Army, but after his leg was mangled and his buddy was killed when a bomb exploded, he had to escape from those memories too. Now he's gotten mixed up in the wrong line of business and he's running from people who would prefer him dead.

But then he meets a woman named Quinn. She claims to see things that others don't and tells him that he's "chosen." Oddly enough, his buddy in Iraq kept telling him the same thing. Before Dylan Runs Ahead can figure out what that really means, though, he's going to have to stop and face the demons--both literal and figurative--that he's been running from.

My Thoughts
It normally takes me a couple of days to read a book I really like and about a  week for one that I find so-so.  I am now into my 3rd week of trying to read this book and I am only half way through.  I am finding it hard to connect with the characters and trying to keep up with the different time warps is exhausting.  For the first time I have taken the book mark out of a book and closed it without finishing.  T.L. Hines is an excellent writer and I have enjoyed reading some of his other books, unfortunately for me this one just missed the mark.

If you would like to purchase The Falling Away by T. L. Hines and read it for yourself you can find it at for $10.19.

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