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Friday, September 10, 2010

Think of a Number by John Verdon Book Review

The book starts out "'Where were you?' said the old woman in the bed. 'I had to pee, and no one came.'"

Dave Gurney is a retired homicide detective trying to make life of retirement work for his wife and himself. But when Dave receives a call from a college friend Mark Mellory who has started receiving bizarre letters and poems, he finds himself quickly caught up in the mystery of what it all means.

In these letters the writer challenges Mellory to think of a number.  After he thinks of the number he is instructed to open a separate envelope.  This envelope contains the number he just thought of. Soon after, poems with more hidden meanings are being received, each a little more threatening.
"What you took you will give
when you get what you gave
I know what you think,
when you blink,
where you've been,
where you'll be.
You and I have a date,
Mr. 658."

Dave advises his friend to go to the police but Mellory tells him he does not trust the police to handle the investigation properly.  The killer makes good on his threats and Mellory is murdered. Dave is asked to assist in the investigation which keeps leading the police in circles.  The killer is seems to always be one step ahead.

A Little About the Author

John Verdon has held several executive positions with Manhattan advertising firms, but like his protagonist, he recently relocated with his wife to rural upstate New York. Think of a Number is his first novel.

My Thoughts
I really enjoy a good mystery.  Most of the time I will have it figured out before I make it to the end.  This book was different.  I found myself trying to read in to the poems and putting the numbers together every way I could think of to solve the crime. Once Dave Gurney puts it together I almost smacked myself in the forehead.  Of course!  This book is written as if it could become a series involving David Gurney.  I look forward to reading more.  I truly recommend this book to all who love a good mystery that will keep you guessing the whole way through.

Where To Buy It
Amazon $14.96 
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The reviews expressed in this post are my own. I won The One That I Want from Crown Publishing's "Read It Forward" program.

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